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Kelis – “4th of July (Fireworks)” [Video]

Kelis premiered the brand new video for her second single, "4th of July (Fireworks)” from her album, Flesh Tone. The track is the follow-up to Kelis’s first single, “Acapella.”

Flesh Tone is expected drop in the U.S. on July 6th.


Wah Do Dem [Film Review]

High Seas Saga Sends Slacker from Brooklyn to Jamaica

Wah Do Them

Max (Sean Bones) is a slacker from Brooklyn who’s been squandering most of his time between skateboarding and playing soccer. The only positive things in the struggling musician’s life are his beautiful girlfriend, Willow (Norah Jones), and the trip they plan to take together with the pair of tickets he won for a Caribbean cruise to Jamaica.
The naïve narcissist gets an unanticipated surprise when she breaks up with him just a couple of days before they’re supposed to set sail. So, he retreats to a local watering hole to soak his woes in booze while crying on the shoulders of his best buddies. Then, when none of them takes him up on the offer to replace Willow, Max still decides to take the vacation alone anyway.



Tameka Raymond’s New VIBE On Usher

Tameka Foster Raymond

Tameka Raymond will be gracing the next “cover” for and she opens up about about Usher and their marriage.

Check out a snippet of the interview:

VIBE: Another thing most question is your last name. Any special reason for keeping it Raymond?

Tameka Raymond: (Laughs) I don’t think because a relationship doesn’t work, you have to change your name back. It’s an asinine question. Why not? Prior to getting married I kept my ex-husband’s last name. People have such a short expectancy for marriage that when they divorce it’s ‘Why does she still have his name?’ Dude, I was supposed to keep his name until I die. I wasn’t supposed to get a divorce (laughs).

VIBE: If Usher got his sh*t together, do you think the love could be easily rekindled?



Katy Perry ft. rapper Snoop Dogg – “California Gurls” [Video]

Here's the new video from singer Katy Perry featuring rapper Snoop Dogg for the track “California Gurls”. This is the first single off of Katy’s sophomore album, Teenage Dream.


Bitch Is the New Black [Book Review]

Bitch Is the New Black
A Memoir

by Helena Andrews
Harper Books
Hardcover, $24.99
244 pages
ISBN: 978-0-06-177882-7

"I’m such a badass. I am literally the baddest bitch on the planet. If there was a bitch contest between me and every other heartbroken, hissing, red-eyed, puffy-faced woman in  the world, I would defeat every last one of them--handily… I’m a bitch, but I swear I don’t want to be. Really, I think I have to be.”
-- Excerpted from Chapter One (pg. 4)

Normally, I’d say it takes a lot of nerve to publish your memoirs before you even turn 30, but in the case of Helena Andrews I have to concede

that it turns out to be totally warranted.For this fiery young sister not only already has a lot of life experiences under her belt, literally and figuratively, but has cultivated a wealth of wisdom to share well beyond her years. And, perhaps most importantly, she has a most beguiling way with words which keep you intrigued with what’s coming out of her mouth next in this shockingly-frank autobiography.
As for credentials, Helena’s a seasoned journalist who has worked for The New York Times, O Magazine and Politico since her graduation from Columbia University. This impressive resume’ sounds fairly conventional, until you factor in that she was raised by a lesbian on Catalina Island, where she was the only black kid in town.

Her writing style might best described as a non-linear stream of conscious reflecting that Ivy League pedigree but blended with an introspective compulsion to bare her soul. The upshot is an unexpurgated opus which primarily focuses on her frustrations over a never-ending string of failed relationships.



The Real Housewives of D.C. Cast Revealed

Stacie Scott Turner

"The Real Housewives of D.C." are coming to a tv near you. According to Bravo, the show will air at 9 PM on Thursday, August 5. New cast member, Stacie Scott Turner, will be representing for the sisters this season.


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