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Kelis Is Keeping Baby Knight From Nas


Kelis and Nas going at it again.  Nas spoke to recently what's going on between him, Kelis, & Knight.  From the looks of it it sounds like Kelis is making life miserable for Nas.



Nas To Judge & Kelis “I Ain’t Got No Money”

Nas and Kelis

Nas and Kelis

As the saying goes "It's cheaper to keep her".  Nas is finding this out first hand as his lawyer is now petitioning the divorce judge to recalculate the amount of money he has to pay up to Kelis each month because he ain't got it!

According to TMZ:

...a court ordered Nas last month to pay more than $87,000 in back spousal and child support. The judge also ordered Nas to pay Kelis $10,000 a month in spousal support to stay current. It's unclear how much Nas is required to pay in monthly child support.

Nas says in the new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the judge predicated the order on Nas making $152,031 a month, but the rapper says he makes "substantially less than that amount."

Nas' lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking the judge to take another look at the damage to Nas' wallet.


Celeb Sightings…

Your favorite celebs are always on the go. Here are a few pics to keep you caught up..

Beyonce gets buried in sand while husband Jay-Z takes some snaps for the family photo album as they vacation in Hawaii

Fun Times with The Carters

Fun Times with The Carters.

Beyonce gets buried in sand while husband Jay-Z takes some snaps for the family photo album as they vacation in Hawaii.

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WTH Are You Wearing Kelis???


Kelis performed at Santos Party House in NYC looking like this...

So this is what your spending your child support check on Kelis.  SMH!!!

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Kelis Is Ready To Move On From Nas

Kelis and Nas

Kelis and Nas

Kelis recently asked for a rush in her divorce from rapper Nas stating,

“It would be in the best interest of both of us if our marital status is terminated as soon as possible."

According to TMZ, Kelis filed the papers because she fears that the final proceedings could take years to sort out and she wants to resolve all other issues at “a later time.”

She also reportedly added that she doesn't think she and Nas will ever get back together saying,

“I believe there is no possibility of reconciliation with [Nas]."

You ain't never lie!


Nas – “All I Want To Do Is Make Music & Raise My Kids…”


It looks like rapper Nas is finally catching a break.  We previously reported that Nas was facing a contempt of court charge because he owed his ex wife Kelis$200,000 in backed child support for their son Knight.  Well the contempt charge has been dropped because he recently paid the milk shake singer $50,000 in child support.

A spokesman for Nas confirmed to MTV that he was given some leeway in their court proceedings. The spokesman says that the charge was dismissed and that Kelis' attorney fees and spousal support payments have been taken care of.


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